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Welcome to my humble website! Since it is the result of a couple of hours of work (SHEESH!), I hope you will enjoy looking around. I have tried to make it interesting.

This has evolved from my first look at the World Wide Web in January 1996 on America OnLine. To teach myself HTML, and because I am what you might call a "transportation enthusiast", I started encoding the Tri-Rail schedules. My "All Aboard TRI-RAIL!" website came about because there was no existing Tri-Rail site. That evolved into: FLORIDA RAILS: Passenger Trains to the Palms

Then, because I am a "cruise specialist" by profession, I searched the search engines for all the cruise line sites I could find. That resulted in the automated cruise ship & ocean liner databases and the link directory you will find here that I call GET CRUISING! Passenger Ships Then and Now

There is only so much you can do with HTML, because it's not interactive. When I first got access to a CGI server, of course I wanted to know how to change the scripts. It was inevitable I would learn how to write my own. I had experience writing BASIC and working with some database languages, but no knowledge of Unix or Perl, but I was curious enough about CGI programming to start learning. So I learned (the HARD way) how to write Perl CGI scripts.

Using CGI, your web pages can do things like search a database, operate a guestbook or keep track of hits to a page, and much more.

Since I wrote numerous scripts, I decided to make the most useful ones available for FREE DOWNLOAD. If you dare, help yourself to them at Free CGI SCRIPTS From the CRYPT. To use them, your internet service provider must allow you to upload and run Perl scripts.

When I was extremely young I started collecting cruise brochures, railroad and airline timetables and all kinds of maps.

My first job in the travel business was with a travel agency in Miami, Florida many years ago. I moved to Fort Lauderdale in the 1980's, where I started a long, comfortable employment working for another full-service agency.

My clientele were basically upscale and very pleasant and appreciative of the precision of my work.

As the airline business became less profitable, and conversely the cruise business was growing, I decided it was time to specialize. It was any easy choice because by then I enjoyed the cruise side of the business most.

My sources led me to a very aggressive $25,000,000 cruise-only retail agency with 50+ agents selling nationwide via cable TV and pre-internet 800-numbers. I did very well there, becoming the first to sell a million dollars in the first year. When the company closed in 1994, my annual sales were $2.5 million dollars.

After that trauma, I went along with the other top producers to a new company that was quickly sold several times. The cruise specialists eventually left to work for other companies.

Next I was a District Sales Manager for a day cruise operator, developing group business in the northeastern quarter of Broward County, Florida. After a couple years of that I wanted to finally work for a real cruise line, which I have been doing since 1999, for a leading luxury cruise line based in South Florida.

Is anyone still reading this?

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