[ Free CGI Scripts From The Crypt! ]
Welcome to this truly distressing CRYPT of PERL CGI SCRIPTS. Please pull up a slab and see what evil lurks inside!

Slither around through these pages and you will learn how to use each script. You can read them online (at your own risk of course), or for the ultimate torture, download the free ZIP files.

If you dare to open the Crypt, these are the horrors that await !!

Read This Or DIE!
There is No Technical Support for these scripts!
WARNING! The Scriptkeeper is a Self-Taught Geek: That means "axe" no questions and hear no lies! Requests for individual assistance will NOT be answered, but the Scriptkeeper will place a curse on the offender's first born!

Getting HELP!?!
Each ZIP file includes all of the files needed, plus an important how2... file which explains how to set-up the scripts on a UNIX server and how to use the features.

Are you brain dead? Then see helpme.txtHELP for help setting up CGI scripts on UNIX servers.. Changes to the scripts are eulogized in whatsnew.txt.


You will be very sorry if you don't visit the SCRIPTKEEPER's EMPORIUM! The Scriptkeeper has dug up the most popular Perl, CGI and Unix books, then blackmailed amazon.com into selling them at the LOWEST PRICES!

Register to receive news by E-Mail of new scripts, upgrades and bug fixes by taking the 10-SECOND SURVEY. While bug reports are tasty and appreciated, technical support is not part of the deal here. Requests for individual assistance will not be answered, so don't try sneaking them into the survey either!

If you use any of these scripts on your website please display this slimy banner. The Scriptkeeper will come to visit in your nightmares if you don't.

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