ss Florida arrives in Miami from Havana


Trace the origins of the modern cruise industry by visiting Some Notable Early Cruise Ships from Miami in the 1950's and 1960's.

The Ocean Liners and Cruise Ships of Port Everglades in the 1960's is a detailed survey of the ships that sailed from the port and their itineraries, along with some great images, statistics and stories. Choose to see all sailings for a month or by ship or a combination.

Take a romantic journey into the not-so-faraway past of 1966 and sail Around-The-World with P&O-Orient Lines. Online automated sailing schedules, pictures and history.

See the statistical details of the cruise ships over 5,000 tons by using Compare Over 250 Cruise Ships. Biggest, newest, oldest, fastest, longest, or deepest? How do they rank in number of cabins and space per passenger?

The Sea Travel Directory has over 300 links (many illustrated) to cruise lines, ferries, barges, and other passenger vessel-related websites. Also organizations and passenger ship historical links.

The Get Cruising Bookstore, in association with, features the Berlitz cruise ship guide and a hand-picked selection of other passenger ship and cruise industry titles.



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