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Santa Paula 1958 Santa Paula Grace Line
Built: 1958 Gross tons: 15371 Length: 584ft Beam: 84ft Draft: 26ft Speed: 20kn Registry: USA Passengers: 300 First Class

Operating a cruise-like line voyage from New York to the Caribbean and Venezuela, she and her sister ship Santa Rosa were the most frequent visitors at Port Everglades, calling every Tuesday morning while homeward bound. They were of a very high standard, with large outside staterooms and abundant public room space, attentive service and civilized entertainment with a Latin flair. They suffered from strikes by the American maritime industry, which contributed to the premature end of this marvelous service in 1971.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Santa Paula for January 1964
Jan 21Santa Paula arrives from cruise; departs on 14-day cruise to New York, Curacao, La Guaira, Aruba, Kingston, Nassau & Port Everglades.

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