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Riviera Prima 1950 Riviera Prima Commerciale Marittima Petroli SpA
Built: 1950 Gross tons: 12812 Length: 537ft Beam: 64ft Draft: 22ft Speed: 17kn Registry: Italy Passengers: 600

Formerly Lavoisier of Chargeurs Reunis, built for France to Argentina service. Rebuilt in 1961 as a luxurious cruise ship. A new stern lido deck was added, all cabins were given private bathrooms and she was fully air-conditioned. She was sold in 1964 and renamed Viking Princess, but caught fire and had to be abandoned off Jamaica in 1966.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Riviera Prima for January 1964
Jan 3Riviera Prima arrives Jan 2 from cruise; departs on 7-day cruise to St. Thomas, San Juan & Nassau.
Jan 10Riviera Prima arrives from cruise; departs on 5-day cruise to Port Antonio, Kingston & Port Everglades.
Jan 15Riviera Prima arrives from cruise; departs on 13-day cruise to Montego Bay, Panama Canal, San Blas, Cartagena, Aruba, Curacao, Nassau & Port Everglades.
Jan 29Riviera Prima arrives Jan 28 from cruise; departs on 3-day cruise to Nassau & Port Everglades.

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