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Italia 1928 Italia Home Lines
Built: 1928 Gross tons: 20067 Length: 609ft Beam: 78ft Draft: 29ft Speed: 17.5kn Registry: Panama Passengers: 140 First Class, 1150 Tourist Class

Built as a transatlantic liner for Swedish-America Line. After service as a troopship in World War II, went to Home Lines for further transatlantic crossings where she earned a reputation for exceptional food and service by an Italian crew. Cruised from New York to Nassau starting in 1961, then as a hotel ship in Freeport, she was finally scrapped in 1965.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Italia for January 1964
Jan 3Italia arrives Jan 2 from New York & Nassau on 9-day cruise with an intransit call at Port Everglades departing to New York.

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