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Carmania 1954 Carmania Cunard Steamship Co. Ltd.
Built: 1954 Gross tons: 22592 Length: 608ft Beam: 80ft Draft: 28ft Speed: 20kn Registry: British Passengers: 117 First Class, 764 Tourist Class

Devoted to cruising, she was "the perfect playground for your winter vacation" sailing regularly from Port Everglades every winter from 1962, when she was refitted, renamed and painted green, until 1971. Carmania and sister-ship Franconia (which sailed from New York) featured enlarged, terraced lido decks and pool, numerous lounges, sports, cocktail parties, dances and audience-participation shows. Originally built as Saxonia for Liverpool to Montreal service; sold to Soviet shipping company as Leonid Sobinov.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Carmania for January 1964
Jan 6Carmania arrives Jan 5 from cruise; departs on 12-day cruise to Nassau, Montego Bay, Aruba, Santo Domingo, San Juan, St. Thomas & Port Everglades.
Jan 21Carmania arrives Jan 18 from cruise; departs on 13-day cruise to Nassau, Montego Bay, Curacao, La Guaira, Grenada, Martinique, St. Thomas, San Juan & Port Everglades.

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