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Queen of Bermuda 1933 Queen of Bermuda Furness Bermuda Line
Built: 1933 Gross tons: 22552 Length: 591ft Beam: 76ft Draft: 27ft Speed: 19kn Registry: British Passengers: 700 First Class

For most of each year this comfortable, aging liner sailed weekly from New York to Bermuda. In 1961 a major conversion into a cruise ship was completed, with 2 of her 3 funnels removed and improvements to accommodations and amenities. Queen of Bermuda continued to make Port Everglades her winter base until 1966, when she no longer met fire safety standards and had been outclassed by newer ships as well.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Queen of Bermuda - all sailings
Jan 11Queen of Bermuda arrives Jan 10 from New York; departs on 10-day cruise to St. Thomas, Barbados, Curacao & Port Everglades.
Jan 22Queen of Bermuda arrives Jan 21 from cruise; departs on 7-day cruise to San Juan, St. Thomas & Port Everglades.
Jan 30Queen of Bermuda arrives Jan 29 from cruise; departs on 11-day cruise to St. Thomas, Curacao, Kingston, Nassau & Port Everglades.
Feb 10Queen of Bermuda arrives Feb 9 from cruise; departs on 13-day cruise to St. Thomas, Barbados, La Guaira, Curacao, Kingston, Nassau & Port Everglades.
Feb 24Queen of Bermuda arrives Feb 23 from cruise; departs on 15-day cruise to St. Thomas, Barbados, Martinique, Aruba, Cristobal, Kingston & Port Everglades.
Mar 10Queen of Bermuda arrives from cruise; departs to New York.

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