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Brasil 1958 Brasil Moore-McCormack Lines
Built: 1958 Gross tons: 23395 Length: 617ft Beam: 86ft Draft: 27ft Speed: 21kn Registry: USA Passengers: 553 First Class

Completed as one of the most luxurious liners in American flag service, featuring all outside cabins with private facilities, complete air-conditioning and professional entertainment, promising "unhurried leisure at its very best". Operating line voyages from New York to Brazil, Uruguay & Argentina, there were also frequent cruises in winter with some sailings from Port Everglades each year. With sister ship Argentina, she was aimed at the upper-end of the cruise trade, but alas they were money-losers. Laid up in 1969, sold to Holland America Line as Volendam, later Monarch Sun, Liberte, Queen of Bermuda and Enchanted Seas.

SAILING SCHEDULE of Brasil - all sailings
Jan 31Brasil arrives from New York; departs on 61-day Four-Continents cruise to Barbados, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Tristan de Cunha, Cape Town, Durban, Laurenco Marques, Zanzibar, Mombasa, Aden, Suez, Alexandria, Messina, Naples, Barcelona, Lisbon & New York.

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